Zen Pinball

It’s been a long time since most gamers played real life pinball at an amusement park or arcade, because of the plethora of pinball games that are available on video consoles.

However, not all of these console pinball games are very good, and the PlayStation 3 has been particularly bereft of an option.

That all changed when Zen Pinball, a well-rounded and good-looking game with excellent multiplayer interactivity, came out last month.

Zen Pinball is the product of Zen Studios and with time it could establish itself as the premier game in the genre.

There are only four tables to play on in the standard pinball mode, but all of them look great and have different themes.

The themes are pretty fun and friendly, and the playing experience is solidly boosted by the realistic pinball noises that accompany every movement you make.

The menus for the game are pretty slick, with the camera zoning to a different area of a mock pinball table rather than switching to a totally different screen.

But where the game really stands out is in the competitive online environment.

The first place to try to become famous is the one-minute scoreboard, where you post the highest score you can achieve within one-minute.

In addition to that fun part there are tracking boards to record score speed and total high scores.

Finally, the most competitive element is the online multiplayer mode which sees you racing towards a high score set by a host.

Fun for both local and online play, Zen Pinball will be a hit for some time yet.


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