Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy

Your Shape is one of the new fitness games released on Nintendo’s Wii console.

With the fitness capabilities of the console, fitness games like these are actually quite plausible and work well.

This particular version of Your Shape has been made that little but more interesting with the addition of pin-up girl Jenny McCarthy.

The game is solely based on aerobic activities and are very much slanted towards the female population.

The signing of McCarthy as the face of the game has been seen by many as a way to lure in the male users as it is clear there is little interest shown by men jogging around their lounge room in tight pants.

The most interesting addition to the game is the tiny USB camera used to play.

Instead of swinging around the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and dealing with those annoying resistance bands and leg straps as in rivals like the Wii Fit and the EA Sports Active franchises, you do your thing solo in the middle of your living room floor and let the USB camera track your body movements.

While the game has a good lay out and the aim is very structured and well plan, Your Shape is really dull with their choice of exercises.

Most routines are very dull and bring and hard to excite users.

Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy is out now on Nintendo Wii.

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