Wii Sports Resort

The growing phenomenon sweeping across the video game world continues to flex its muscles, this time with its newest release, Wii Sports Resort.

A Follow up to one of Wii’s original games, Wii Sports, the newest edition offers a wider bunch of mini games than the first one, with Frisbee, Swordplay, Basketball, Archery, Wakeboarding, Canoeing, Air Sports and Cycling all added to the fold.

New mini games aside, what makes this version much better than previous releases is its use of the new Wii Motion Plus compatibility, which allows games to be played with greater control and accuracy.

In past Wii games such as tennis, a players shot was determined only by the direction the Wii remote is swung. Now, the new technology allows players to spin and swing the ball.

The Wii Motion Plus adds new dimensions to all the mini games on offer, making this new installment a much better representation of skill and ability than what has been seen before on the Wii console.

In the game you find yourself, as the player; on a holiday resort that offers a bunch of leisure filled activities for you to choose from.

One of the standout mini games is Archery, in which the user holds the Wii remote as a bow and uses the nun chuck to mimic pulling the bowstring back. The Wii Motion Plus allows for greater precision and skill, making the game both easy to play and harder to master.

Wii Sports Resort offers a great variety of fun for all ages, and is a great game to illustrate the fantastic capabilities of the Wii Motion Plus.


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