Wii Fit Plus

Since the unveiling of the Wii console last a few years ago, many games have since ben updated and improved on. Wii Fit Plus is one of these games.

In 2008 we saw the release of the Wii Fit video game, which allowed users to actively workout to yoga, pilates, a bunch of balance games as well as many different muscle workouts.

Now, more than a year later, the game has been put under the microscope and improved drastically on what its original release was.

The ability to create your own tailored workouts, coupled the introduction of plenty new and fun balance games, the new version is a big step up from the old one.

The new version also integrates with the Wii Balance Board and it is an ideal tool for those wanting to improve their fitness without having to trek to the gym or publicly expose their downward facing during a pilates class.

With most games there will always be flaws, and Wii Fit Plus is by no means perfect. There are still some head-scratching omissions and some advice, which may not be totally accurate.

It is also lacking any real mutli player functioning and still needs some improvement on the functionality of the game.

But, all in all, Wii Fit Plus is a solid game for Wii users, and a great game for those ho want to combine fitness with video games.

For under $30, the game is a bargain and a great idea for an upcoming Christmas present.

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