Quad Wii Controller Charging Dock

Nintendo Wii’s have come along way since their introduction into the gaming world a few years ago.

The basis of the game is so focused on energy and movement that it is very common the controllers are lost or broken or even just drained of their battery life.

It is no surprise that we have seen abundance in remote technology and accessories released in the past years in the gaming world.

One of the latest is the Wii PowerV Quad Inductive Charging and Storage Dock for four Wii controllers.

It’s perfect for any household that is serious about its Nintendo Wii, and one that is sure to need full battery life every day of the year.

The invention holds and charges four conrollers at the same time, and it even comes with an added bonus that is compatible with silicone covers and the Wii Motion Plus.

The dock will match the bright white colour of the controllers and actually looks more like a sculpture or art piece than it does an actual charging station.

It uses wireless technology, so there’s no cords you have to worry about, and it won’t allow any overcharging that would, or could damage your controllers.

The Quad comes with two rechargeable battery packs and can be purchased for around $50 from numerous websites and selected gaming stores.

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