PlayStation Move: Coming Soon

Sony have unveiled their newest challenge to Nintendo’s Wii this week with a sneak peak of the PlayStation Move this week.

The console was unwrapped at the Game Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco and Sony say it should be available to the public later this year.

The PlayStation Move works with its eye video camera and software game titles designed specifically for remote, one-handed wireless control of 3D action.

The device will control all varieties of kicks, swings, and strokes, quite similar to the nun chuck that comes with the Wii.

There are also controller buttons for more conventional games and to select in the starting menu.

When it hits the shelves, the Move will be available in a starter pack that comes with the Eye camera and a new game release.

You should also be able to pick up the Move as a stand-alone product, and eventually in a package with the PS3 console hardware.

Thee will be vast array of titles to accompany the release, including Sports Champions, which is full of mini games including gladiatorial sword fighting, archery, golf and table tennis.

To a degree the Move will be quite similar to the Nintendo Wii but it should also be noted that is the exact console it is competing against.

It will be a huge difference to the current successful PlayStation console, but the Move could very well be what the video game world needs, someone to challenge Nintendo and its Wii.

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