Mortal Kombat

One on one fighting games have come a long way since he early 90s where the likes of Street Fighter and X-Men dominated the video game industry.

Nowadays, due to the improvements of graphics, special effects and new capabilities, fighting games are no longer 2D and left to right fighting, but rather a whole new world of 3D, intense battle grounds.

Still, there is part of every video game traditionalist who still loves what the old school fighting games had to offer.

One of the most successful games in this genre back in the 90s was Mortal Kombat. The two player head to head battle game was released in 1992 by Acclaim Entertainment and boasted some of the most memorable character in video game history.

Who could forget Sub Zero, the masked bad boy who had the ability to freeze his opponents for three seconds?

Or who could hate the nice guy Lui Kang who was the main character in the games plot.

There was also Kano, Sonya Blade, Raiden Scorpion, Johnny Cage and a bunch of final bad guys including Reptile, Goro and the near impossible to beat Shang Tsung, who had four arms and an irrepressible punch.

After the success of the 1992 release, the franchise went on to make a swag of follow up games and many films.

The Mortal Kombat brand has been one of the most successful in video game history and has definitely left its mark on the industry.

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