Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC

On March 29th, us Mass Effect junkies will finally get our hands on the final chapter of the epic space opera with the release of the Arrival DLC. The last DLC before Mass Effect 3 comes out later this, year, The Arrival features the return of Admiral Hackett (voiced once again by Lance Henriksen) the Voice on the Phone who had you running around the galaxy in the first game.

This time, Hackett’s got a personal favour to ask – a friend, Dr. Amanda Kenson, has been captured by Batarians and is being charged with terrorism. Hackett asks you to go in alone (that’s right, no squadmates to back you up) to rescue her. The solo gameplay means that experience Mass Effect players will have to shift their tactics a bit but with careful use of cover and shoot-and-scoot manoeuvring you should be able to handle the many firefights. Infiltrator players will be delighted to find that there are also some stealth elements. With clever use of your cloaking device you can get around some firefights undetected. It’s a nice little bonus, but don’t be expecting Splinter Cell.

The add-on features five mission areas, so it’s similar in size to Lair of the Shadow Broker and Project Overlord. Players will be able to access the content any time after the Horizon mission, including after the main story mission has been completed. Depending on when in you do the mission in-game you might see a few changes, but they’re small, aesthetic tweaks, rather than big differences. It’s more of an epilogue than a full-sized expansion so it rings up for 560 Microsoft points. It’s action-packed and still expands the universe in a meaningful way but it doesn’t seem to include too many of the tough moral decisions that have come to define the series. However, the way you resolve Arrival will have an (Mass) effect on the final game so anyone who wants the most complete experience of Mass Effect 3 will want to pick it up.

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