Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8 is the latest entry in a franchise that has attracted young and old, gamer and non-gamer alike.

A series has to have something going for it if it makes it to number 8, and this version of Mario Party certainly has some strong features.

However, in the washup, there are still too many problems that make Mario Party 8 a mildly annoying game.

Let’s look at the good side first.

Mario Party games are about minigames, and there is no shortage of good ones here. Some of them are four-player free-for-alls that make for a rollicking good time and some unpredictable mayhem.

There are no complicated minigames to get you down; rather, the focus is on quick and easy. The simplicity of the games means that if a friend visits who has never played Mario Party before, he or she will easily be able to grab a controller and start playing.

To the bad side.

The graphics are pretty subpar considering the console you are playing on. The Wii has the capacity to show crystal clear games with fresh colour. But this game looks like it belongs on GameCube.

The biggest problem, however, is that chance is too significant in determining the outcome of games.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting to a winning position thanks to concentration and skill, only to be pipped – randomly – at the post.

Because of this, genuine gamers find it hard to enjoy Mario Party 8 and the game has to be classified with a mediocre score.


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