Eve Online Tyrannis

In terms of online games ruling the way, Eve Online is by far one of the market leaders.

The game has been up and running for almost seven years, and is still massively loved and craved by gamers across the world.

Eve is an online player vs. player game that is all about deep space combat and exploration.

But, the real basis of the game is the player economy and the alliances that players build with each other to control the GDP.

The game employs an added feature called Tyrannis, which creates EveGate, a way of players getting in touch with others through the social networking site, Facebook.

Eve allows users to colonize one of about 67,000 planets by establishing mining colonies composed of different modules on eight different types of planets.

You try to find raw materials, which can then be sold or used to build materials for your economy.

The pinnacle of resource extraction equipment is the expensive space elevator, which will quickly extract and transfer resources, and also be a tempting target for opposing companies.

The game really has a ‘real life’ element to it and is sure to be well embraced by players for the next few years.

Eve Online is expected to launch Tyrannis next month in May 18, while the release date for the console game still remains unannounced.

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