Duke Nukem

Duke Nuken 3D was the hottest video game on the market two decades ago.

In the 90s, the single player shooting game was one of the most influential games on the younger generation since Pacman was invented.

In recent months we have heard a ridiculous amount of speculation that software developers are set to bring out a sequel to the highly popular video game.

However, these whispers have now been doused out with confirmation the sequel will not be going ahead for indifferent reasons.

Regardless of whether or not a sequel ever makes its way to the market, Duke Nukem 3D still holds its place in history as an all time classic.

Duke Nukem 3D revolutionized the shooting, killing, virtual violence of the 90s.

Featuring a swaggering, steroidal, wisecracking hero, Duke Nukem 3D became one of the top-selling videogames ever.

The basic plot of the video game involved the adventures of the titular macho man Duke Nukem  who fights back an alien invasion on Earth.

As well as the expected gruesome killing scenes, there are also some hilarious comedy relief moments where you can’t help but fall in love with the protagonist.

In case you cannot wind your minds back far enough, Duke Nukem 3D also offered multiplayer, so you could take your best mate along for the ride as well!

Even thought the sequel is not going ahead, you can still buy the original, or previous releases of Duke Nukem, it will be sure to relive some fine video game moments for all.

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