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UFC Undisputed 2010

UFC is growing to be one of the most loved, watched and played sports in the world. Its popularity is exponential. Which is why it is no surprise the video game version of the sport has been a massive success. Last year THQ and Yukes came out with the smash hit tile UFC Undisputed and […]

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Both the movie and gaming worlds have been eagerly anticipating the outcome of James Cameron’s Avatar project, which will see a blockbuster film accompanied by a – potentially – groundbreaking game. The biggest announcement relating to the game came in June 2008, when Ubisoft declared gamers would be experiencing it in stereoscopic 3D. That means […]

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The Saboteur

It’s not like WWII is a new frontier for gaming, but The Saboteur certainly takes a new look at that crucial historical conflict. Based in Paris, France, Sean Devlin is a freewheeling mercenary who has recently been introduced to the French Resistance, which is trying its darndest to take out the occupying Nazi forces. (more…)

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Heavy Rain

It’s been three years since Heavy Rain was announced and the anticipation of many fans is reaching boiling point. The game is a crime-based thriller in which interactivity and multiple outcomes are the main focus. (more…)

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Mini Ninjas

Set to come out in the last part of 2009 is Mini Ninjas, a fresh take on the cartoony action-adventure genre. Following the story of Hiro, a diminutive ninja who is aided by special kuji magic, Mini Ninjas is set in feudal Japan and sees you trying to take down a warlord who has seized […]

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers is one of those franchises that always attracts people. For gamers and movie fans, what could be better than massive robots smashing bits of metal off each other? The sequel to 2007’s Transformers is slated for release in July, and it is generating a lot of hype. (more…)

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Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga

Making a couple of changes to the interesting Valhalla Knights series is this latest entry, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga. The first key difference is that this game will be released exclusively on the Wii, not on the PSP like previous versions. (more…)

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Simple puzzle games are known to be long term hits, and SCE Studios no doubt had that objective in mind when they devised their latest game, Numblast. Numblast follows the story of two Japanese university students called Akasaka and Aoyama, who strike trouble when an experiment with strange cubic artifacts turns Akasaka into a monkey. […]

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Blood Bowl

Set to be one of the best crossover games of recent times, Blood Bowl pits fantasy creations – think orcs, goblins and supertoopers – against each other on a football field. Very much like Madden NFL football games, Blood Bowl adds an extra edge in that on-filed crashes are maniacal and explosive. (more…)

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

The Monster Hunter franchise is big in Japan, but for a long time it has failed to fully capture gamers elsewhere. The maker of the series, Capcom, has announced a new push to excite international gamers with the most recent entry in the series, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. (more…)

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