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Dead to Right

Dead to Right was a video game originally released in 2002. Now, almost a decade later and it is being re mastered into a new, repackaged and improved version of the title thanks to the crew down at Namco. The game starts off by introducing us to the protagonist of the game, Jack Slate. (more…)

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Car racing video games are a plenty these days and one of the latest games to join the ranks is Blur. Developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision, the game incorporates a unique racing style, which sees it combine real world cars with the arcade style handling and amazing arcade action. Blur has all […]

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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

One of my favourite games while growing up was the age-old classic, Price of Persia. The great video game based in the Middle Eastern deserts was fine example of a first person fighter intertwined into a strong narrative journey. Twenty years later and Prince of Persia is back for yet another assault on the video […]

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Skate 3

Despite Tony Hawk’s best efforts to dominate the extreme sport video game market, and in particular skateboarding, even he could not stop the giant that is EA Sports from coming to rain on his parade. Their skateboarding game, fittingly titled Skate, has come a long way in its four years, and now is up to […]

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FIFA World Cup 2010

It was always a mater of ‘when’, not ‘if’ for the gaming developers EA Sports when they were discussing the possibility of releasing a world cup version of their FIFA brand. With the success of FIFA 10 so high that it has almost sold 10 million copies world wide, the decision to make a World […]

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Tekken 6 on PSP

Good news for Tekken lovers with word the developing firm Namco is currently working on a PSP version of Tekken 6. A short demo of the game was released at the recent Tokyo Game Show back in September where we had a sneak peak at the graphics and characters to expect in the game. (more…)

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Vancouver 2010

With the 2010 Winter Olympics just around the corner, Sega have come up with the timely release of Vancouver 2010, the winter Olympics video game. For those of you who live in countries like Australia, where snow is scarce and the idea of a Winter Olympics baffles you, this is a release that should entice […]

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The Calling

The horror genre is the new kid on the block in the video game world, and the expected release of The Calling is confirmation it is set to carry on for some time yet. The release will be a survival horror game played on a Nintendo Wii, using the Wii Remote as a mobile phone. […]

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

In the last six months, fans of shooter based video games have been in heaven with te recent releases of popular titles including Modern Warfare 2 and like 4 Dead 2. Now, with the New Year insight, another release in the genre had made its way into the market just in time for Christmas stockings. […]

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We have already seen a few Madden releases this year, but we also now have a sneak peak at Natural Motion football game, Backbreaker. The expected release of the eleven-on-eleven NFL video game is shaping up as being one with a high expectancy on customization. (more…)

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