Aussie Rules Footy

For the Australian video game fans, they probably know what I am talking about when I mention the game Aussie Rules Footy.

The video game was released in 1991 on the Nintendo gaming console and was one of the first ever arcade formats of the much-loved sport.

Made by Mattel and released only in Australia, the game was based n the sport AFL, and proved to be a huge hit for fans and kids from all over the nation, especially in Melbourne where the sport is so big.

Aussie Rules Footy was the pioneer in video games on the sport and has now seen it evolve into a huge market with many releases made for updated consoles such as the Playstation and X Box.

As a player, you had the choice of choosing one of many AFL teams as well as teams not in the league such as Canberra, Darwin, Perth and Hobart.

AS a player you could kick, hand pass, mark, and run in all directions in the aim of scoring goals and beating your opponent.

There is a stack of comedy in the game, in particular the hilarious commentary, especially when the ball travels over the boundary line.

The classic call, accompanied by a picture of an umpire saying, “Out of bounds on the full”, was a catch cry for all lovers of the game and is still recognized today.

Aussie Rules Footy can still be found on numerous gaming stores an some online sites, and is definitely worth blowing the dust off if you have it at home somewhere.

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