Alien Monster Bowling League

After the success of the bowling ‘mini game’ on the Nintendo’s games, Wii Resort and Wii Sports, the gaming giant has finally came up with a release specializing in the pin knocking sport.

And if you were a fan of the straightforward versions of the past, chances are you will find a liking to the new game titled, Alien Monster Bowling League.

It’s the first bowling game that lets you play simultaneously with a partner, which is a nice change because bowling games often feel like they take forever because you spend most of your time waiting.

As you guessed with the name, there is an element of rivalry and violence in the gameplay.

While bowling is the main priority, it doesn’t stop the game from taking you to ridiculously themed lanes and arenas.

The beauty of Alien Monster Bowling League is that you get to bowl simultaneously with your partner, using a split screen.

This is a great feature as it allows for a more competitive edge with added features usually not available in a single lane set up.

In the game you can unleash whammies, also known as fun ways to mess with your opponent’s lane. You can twist their lane, block their pins, shoot lasers, or cause an earthquake, which works best if you time it right, because they can always wait until the chaos settles before taking their turn.

Alien Monster Bowling League is the perfect game for any bowling lover, and with the ability to bowl simultaneously, it should provide any household with hours of competitive entertainment.

Alien Monster Bowling League is set to be released in November this year.

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