2010 FIFA World Cup

Once or twice every four years, FIFA release a special one off soccer video game that accompanies the yearly offerings in their soccer/football gaming franchise.

FIFA soccer is one of the most loved sporting video games by players around the globe.

It’s clearly the market leader in sporting games.

Now, in addition to the annual releases, we can now get our hands on the 2010 World Cup version of the game, which is specifically tailored to the soccer showpiece coming up in the next few months.

Unlike FIFA 10, which features both club and international teams from across the globe, 2010 FIFA World Cup offers just international teams.

But, while there are only 32 teams to play in the finals, the game features the 199 other squads that entered the tournament’s qualification process.

Players in the Word Cup version are even more violent and tussle much more with opposing lpayers than is the case in the yearly releases.

In addition, the gameplay is a little but more exciting with goals more celebrated.

I think FIFA really tried to promote the energy of the event and make it more ‘life or death’ than the standard version of the game.

There is also a ‘captain your country’ mode, which puts you in control of just a single player during the game.

2010 FIFIA World Cup is sure to be a popular release during the event this year, but watch it fade away once the finals are over.

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